Coca-Cola spreads happiness

This new ad from Coca-Cola is great! It shows different people in disastrous situations being offered a Coke. As each person is about to take a sip of the drink, they see something worse happening to someone else. Then they offer a drink to them. It’s both funny and interesting.



Optical Illusion Street Art

Tape art_2

Welcome to 2013 everyone! Let’s get the year started with some fresh street art! Aakash Nihalani is an artist who uses paper, tape and cardboard to create 3D art. His work in spray paint and tape can be found on the walls of art collectors, on the streets of New York and throughout the world. In an interview with Storyboard blog he says “the work is about perspective, playing with our idea of three-dimensional space within a two-dimensional plane using tape as my primary medium, often in urban environments.” I love that his artwork involves bright colors with a 3D twist and the shapes and neon colors remind me of art in the 80’s. Scroll down to see more of his tape work. Enjoy!

Tape art_8

Tape art_7

Tape art_3

Tape art_1

Tape art_5

Click here to to see more of his work

Making it through Hurricane Sandy

With no power to heat the house, we all slept by the fireplace. It provided much needed light and warmth.

Before Hurricane Sandy made landfall this week it was ridiculed by some as the “Frankenstorm.” Now, you only need to watch the news for a few seconds to see the devastation caused by this storm. High winds and heavy rain caused homes and roads to flood while 1000s of trees fell on houses and power lines. We were fortunate enough to get our electricity back on Thursday but thousands still have no power and the lines to get gas are outrageous. We woke up really early to get gas and only waited in line for an hour and a half to fill up our cars. This was quick compared to numerous hours other people had to wait.

New York City sustained a lot of damage as well. Casey Neistat is a film maker who makes some really cool videos that he shares on his Youtube channel. During the storm he rode his bike through NYC and made this video to show the effects of the storm in his area. Scroll down for the video. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were badly affected by this storm. We know that things will go back to normal eventually but there will be many lessons learned from this event.

Dogs can be supermodels too

Diesel used dogs instead of people to model their line of sunglasses in their new ad. It’s fabulous! This proves that the combination of cool sunglasses, good lighting, a slow motion camera and a wind machine can make any person or animal look like a supermodel.

Check out the video!

IKEA introduces an interactive catalog

After all these years, I still love IKEA! Their brand is more than just furniture, it’s also a lifestyle. Every year I look forward to getting their annual catalog and now they have taken it a step further. They created an app for their 2013 catalog that makes it interactive. The app will allow you to see hidden photos and videos on the pages with the smartphone symbol. Through market research, IKEA found that on average their catalog has a two week shelf life. With these interactive features, they hope that people will continue using this catalog for at least a few more weeks. I’m definitely looking forward to this catalog. Click the video below for a sneak peak of what the catalog will offer.

The Price of Royalty Free Art


Royalty free art is a staple in the Graphic Design community. No need to grab a camera… just head to your favorite stock image site and look for the image that communicates your vision. Getty images is well known for unique, great quality images. Their images are not as cheap as other stock photo sites but they are worth it.

To promote their Royalty Free photos, Getty images teamed up with advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather to create an advertising campaign that features the work that goes into capturing their photos. They came up with the tagline “They don’t cost what they are worth.” In the campaign, they showed an amazing photo and underneath they showed a behind-the-scenes shot of how they got the photo. Here are a few more examples.



The beauty of darkness

For most photographers, darkness isn’t the ideal time for a photoshoot. However, Sherif Elhage turns darkness into beauty in a photo series called “Black.” Sherif says, “Some pictures have been shot at night with the long exposure process, others during the day.” He never uses photoshop to create his photos, they are all straight from his camera. Check out his website to see more of his great work.

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