Making it through Hurricane Sandy

With no power to heat the house, we all slept by the fireplace. It provided much needed light and warmth.

Before Hurricane Sandy made landfall this week it was ridiculed by some as the “Frankenstorm.” Now, you only need to watch the news for a few seconds to see the devastation caused by this storm. High winds and heavy rain caused homes and roads to flood while 1000s of trees fell on houses and power lines. We were fortunate enough to get our electricity back on Thursday but thousands still have no power and the lines to get gas are outrageous. We woke up really early to get gas and only waited in line for an hour and a half to fill up our cars. This was quick compared to numerous hours other people had to wait.

New York City sustained a lot of damage as well. Casey Neistat is a film maker who makes some really cool videos that he shares on his Youtube channel. During the storm he rode his bike through NYC and made this video to show the effects of the storm in his area. Scroll down for the video. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were badly affected by this storm. We know that things will go back to normal eventually but there will be many lessons learned from this event.


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