Optical Illusion Street Art

Tape art_2

Welcome to 2013 everyone! Let’s get the year started with some fresh street art! Aakash Nihalani is an artist who uses paper, tape and cardboard to create 3D art. His work in spray paint and tape can be found on the walls of art collectors, on the streets of New York and throughout the world. In an interview with Storyboard blog he says “the work is about perspective, playing with our idea of three-dimensional space within a two-dimensional plane using tape as my primary medium, often in urban environments.” I love that his artwork involves bright colors with a 3D twist and the shapes and neon colors remind me of art in the 80’s. Scroll down to see more of his tape work. Enjoy!

Tape art_8

Tape art_7

Tape art_3

Tape art_1

Tape art_5

Click here to to see more of his work


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